Viral Eruptions Treatment

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A number of viral eruptions can cause skin rashes, including chickenpox, measles, shingles, and fifth disease. These viral infections can also result in fever and achiness. These conditions can easily be treated by Clear Lake Dermatology in Houston, League City, and the surrounding Bay Area.

Diseases such as measles and chickenpox can result in bumpy rashes that often swell and become itchy. When these bumps are scratched, they may ooze fluid and eventually spread to other parts of the body. Since these viral infections are common among children, medical treatment is important to relieve the itchy feeling, as it can be difficult to stop children from scratching these rashes.

Other times, a viral infection can cause patients to become lethargic and have muscle aches, which is often the case with fifth disease. This type of infection causes the face to become extremely flushed before spreading to other parts of the body. Patients with shingles could also become extremely achy and may experience a great deal of pain.

Viral Eruptions Treatment

Viral infections do not normally respond well to over-the-counter medications, so patients must consult with our doctors to rid themselves of these conditions. To treat viral eruptions, our doctors might prescribe antiviral or antibacterial medications. These might be given in liquid or tablet form depending on the patient’s age and condition. Children are normally more willing to take medicine in liquid form, while adults typically prefer tablets. In rare cases, shots may be given instead of oral medications.

In addition to taking medication to clear up a viral infection, other treatments might be recommended to relieve dry and itchy skin. These treatments could include medicated ointments or creams applied directly to the rash itself. Patients, especially children, may also need to take an antihistamine to relieve itchiness. Soaking in an oatmeal bath often relieves the discomfort of rashes, as well.

People who suddenly contract an unusual rash should not try to diagnose it themselves, since many viral eruptions look much like other types of skin problems.

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