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What is a Cyst?

Cysts are a common skin condition and, in most cases, are noncancerous. Usually, they appear as sac-like cavities that are full of dead skin. They can show up anywhere on the body in different shapes and sizes. Usually, this bump is located underneath the skin and is about the size of a pea. Though most cysts don't cause any pain or harm, some may become bothersome for patients. For bigger cysts, we remove and send them out for biopsy to ensure they're benign. At Clear Lake Dermatology in League City or Webster, TX, our board-certified dermatologists treat various kinds of cysts, provide a proper diagnosis, and create treatment plans based on your unique medical needs and history.

why do people get cysts?

A cyst can form in several ways, including from a serious infection, tumor, and disease or illness. They can also develop from a piercing or because of a clogged oil gland in the skin. Even though the majority of cysts are benign, we still highly recommend scheduling an appointment to be safe. During your consultation, we'll complete a comprehensive exam to diagnosis the reason for your cyst. Once we know the underlying reason for it, we can develop a treatment plan for removing it and preventing future growth.

how do you know if you have a cyst?

Based on the size and location of the cyst, symptoms vary from person to person. Generally, cysts feel like abnormal lumps underneath the skin. Some lumps may be painful, especially if they become inflamed or rupture. Other types of cysts may be noticeable but don't cause any pain. Your skin may also harden near the growth. Larger cysts can cause more dramatic symptoms, including shifting organs, physical disfigurement, and emotional distress. Minor cysts, which are much more common, usually don't have other signs of ongoing growth.

how does cyst removal work?

At Clear Lake Dermatology, we offer the Greater Houston community a variety of treatments to remove cysts and prevent them from returning. Generally, the most common treatment for cysts involves draining or removing the growth with surgery. If your cyst is inflamed, we may administer a cortisone injection, which causes it to shrink. Patients breathe a sigh of relief because we can treat most types of cysts after determining the underlying reason for the growth. Through a comprehensive skin exam, we'll create the best treatment plan for you.

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don't worry, we'll remove your cyst

Cysts can cause unnecessary worry. If you currently suffer from a cyst and would like to receive treatment, we invite you to call Clear Lake Dermatology to schedule an appointment. During your visit, we'll complete a thorough physical examination and create a customized treatment program to remove the cyst. We encourage everyone to undergo a skin exam if you feel anxious about any kind of lump. To learn more about treatment for cysts and to schedule an appointment, please call one of our locations in League City or Webster, TX.

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