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What are Skin Tags?

About a quarter of adults have little benign growths called skin tags. These flesh-colored growths (also known as acrochordon) are harmless and range from the size of a pinhead to the size of an eraser on the top of a pencil. Though skin tags don't require medical attention, you might seek out treatment if they become irritated. If the skin tag is located in a visible place, like your face, you may want it removed for cosmetic reasons. To safely remove a skin tag, schedule a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist at Clear Lake Dermatology in League City or Webster, TX.


Skin tags are so common that one in four adults has at least one skin tag. Typically, tags develop from friction created by skin rubbing against clothes or other folds of skin. They commonly form in the creases of skin, such as armpits, on the chest, eyelids, neck, and groin. In women, skin tags may also grow beneath the breasts. Tags may develop more frequently if you're overweight or as you age. Additionally, elevated hormone levels during pregnancy can increase the chance of developing skin tags.


Skin tags tend to be flesh-colored or brown — or if a skin tag becomes cut off from its blood supply, it may turn black or red. They can differ in size, from as small as 1 millimeter to as large as a grape. The tag could look and feel smooth or wrinkled, and most are attached to the skin by a small stem. Tags shouldn't cause pain and they're not contagious. There is a common myth that removing a skin tag will cause more to grow. This is not true. Because of previous conditions, some patients tend to be more prone to skin tags.

Treatment Options for Your Tags

Skin tags often don't require medical care, but some people prefer to have them removed. Tags can get trapped in jewelry or clothing, resulting in redness, irritation, or even bleeding. You may also want to remove them for cosmetic reasons if they're in a visible location, like your face. To remove a tag, our dermatologists can perform a surface excision. Other options include freezing or cauterizing the tag. Following your treatment, we'll provide detailed instructions on how to care for your skin as it heals.

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When you have skin tags that are irritating or unattractive, our board-certified dermatologist can help assess and remove them. At Clear Lake Dermatology, we provide many treatment options for tag removal and will explain them to you before creating your customized treatment plan. Contact our office in League City or Webster, TX to schedule a consultation for skin tag removal.

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