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What is Cellfina?

No matter how healthy and thin you are there's, unfortunately, nothing you can do to prevent or erase cellulite on your own. Creating a bumpy and dimpled appearance, cellulite is a fibrous tissue that builds beneath the skin and commonly appears around the stomach, hips, and thighs. At Clear Lake Dermatology in League City and Webster, TX, our board-certified dermatologists are pleased to offer Cellfina. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Cellfina can minimize the appearance of cellulite for approximately two years. By targeting the fibrous tissue with a minimally invasive treatment, Cellfina frees the bound tissue and smoothens the treatment area in just a few days. Years ago, cellulite was nearly impossible to address, but today patients in the Greater Houston area can enjoy exciting, noticeable results with the Cellfina procedure at Clear Lake Dermatology.

What are the Benefits of Cellfina?

Cellulite is an issue that can bother men and women alike and can present itself for years or pop up when you least expect it at a healthy weight and fitness level. You may have tried creams, pills, and cellulite products that promised great results for eliminating unsightly cellulite but failed to deliver. If this describes your experience, a Cellfina procedure at Clear Lake Dermatology in League City or Webster, TX, may be right for you. Benefits of Cellfina include:

  • It removes the appearance of cellulite
  • It is minimally invasive
  • The procedure usually takes no longer than an hour
  • Patients often experience limited side effects, which dissipate in a few days
  • Results are noticeable within days and last for up to three years

Who is an ideal candidate for Cellfina?

Cellfina is effective and safe for most patients at Clear Lake Dermatology. However, if you have an infection, loose skin, diabetes, or varicose veins, this treatment might not work well for you. Those taking blood thinners or who are pregnant should not undergo Cellfina treatments. People most likely to benefit from Cellfina:

  • Are at a healthy, stable weight
  • Have cellulite on their legs, hips, or stomach
  • Have a good skin tone
  • Have realistic expectations after speaking with our dermatologists

How does Cellfina Work?

Before your procedure, our dermatologists will ask you to stand and will mark each area needing treatment with a marker. Next, we'll administer local anesthesia. While keeping the area pulled tight with suction, we'll insert a microblade beneath the skin with the help of the Cellfina device. Next, we cut away the fibrous bands that cause cellulite with the device, which allows the tissue to relax, leaving behind smoother skin. The procedure typically takes less than an hour.

What can I Expect after Cellfina?

Usually, you can return to most of your daily activities the day after your Cellfina treatment. However, to give the treatment area a chance to heal, we highly recommend avoiding strenuous activities for a couple of days. Side effects of the procedure include tenderness, swelling, and bruising. These symptoms are usually mild and fade in a matter of days. Following your Cellfina treatment, you should see visible results within just three days, and these results should continue to improve in the following weeks. Patients who maintain a stable weight will see longer-lasting results, but if necessary, we can safely repeat the treatment.

Cellfina FAQ

How much does Cellfina cost?
The cost of your Cellfina treatment will vary based on how many injections may be needed. During a consultation, our board-certified dermatologists will create a customized procedure plan that best fits your needs. We can also talk with you about financial options.

How long do results from Cellfina last?
Though results can vary from patient to patient, Cellfina can typically last up to three years. Touch-up treatments can also be performed to help you maintain your results. Additionally, our team will provide accurate aftercare instructions for optimal outcomes.

How do I know if Cellfina is right for me?
Cellfina can be an ideal treatment for individuals wanting to reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite. This can be used to treat the hips, legs, or stomach. During a consultation, our team will be better able to identify if you would benefit from this treatment or an additional procedure. 

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Reduce Cellulite

While increasing thousands of patients' confidence, Cellfina has helped reduce cellulite. If you have unsightly cellulite on your legs or buttocks but don't want to undergo surgery, call Clear Lake Dermatology in Webster or League City, TX. Schedule a consultation with our dermatologists to learn more about Cellfina and how this innovative treatment can minimize the appearance of cellulite to reveal a tighter body that highlights your beautiful curves.

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