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What Is RF Skin Tightening?

Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening is a nonsurgical means to rejuvenate and enrich the skin using thermal energy. By utilizing the groundbreaking InMode EVOKE technology, Clear Lake Dermatology in Webster, TX is able to alleviate the concerns of patients suffering from aging or loose skin. The treatment encourages the natural production of collagen and elastin, the primary proteins responsible for making the skin look smooth and full of life. The recovery process from the procedure is virtually nonexistent, allowing patients to return to their normal, daily life within the same day. Set up an appointment with Dr. Narin Apisarnthanarax or Dr. David Raimer to discuss any potential concerns and decide if RF skin tightening could help you achieve your skin-related goals.

Who Is a Good Candidate for RF Skin Tightening?

RF skin tightening does not have to be performed solely on the face. It can be used to revitalize the skin in several areas, including the face, cheeks, jawline, and neck. However, there are a few minor requirements in order to undergo this treatment. Prospective patients should:

  • Be in good general health
  • Maintain a consistent weight
  • Have mild or moderate skin looseness
  • Exhibit signs of aging on their face or neck
  • Desire to improve the texture and aesthetics of their skin

How Does RF Skin Tightening Work?

Before the treatment can begin, the targeted area(s) must be sanitized to ensure the complete removal of any makeup, dirt, or oil. Once sterilized, the InMode EVOKE device slowly heats the targeted skin in order to stimulate the body's creation of collagen and elastin. The technology is hands-free and allows the patients to sit in an upright position, which allows them to read, watch television, and even have a conversation all while the procedure is taking place. Once the therapy is over, there are no adverse effects preventing patients from resuming the rest of their day. They can simply stand up, walk out, and return to their everyday life as if nothing had ever happened.

We also offer the cutting-edge Exilis Ultra™ skin tightening platform to dramatically reduce wrinkles and tighten skin on the face, neck, and body. Exilis combines the two most effective technologies for reducing skin laxity (looseness), radiofrequency (RF) energy and ultrasound, for amazing results. By using highly-controlled cooling and heating, the energy is directed to treat tissue all the way down to the superficial layer. Exilis treatments are comfortable, safe, and effective, with 10 studies having found a 42% average reduction in wrinkles. Most patients will undergo 2 - 4 treatments spaced 7 - 10 days apart. 

What Should I Expect After RF Skin Tightening?

While the procedure itself is basically painless, some irritation or redness may be noticed in the affected areas. These symptoms usually fade within a few hours and will not affect your desired results. Outside of this occasional discomfort, there is no recovery process to speak of. An appointment can be made during your lunch break or between meetings without concern for looking or feeling distressed.

RF Skin Tightening FAQ

Is InMode Evoke painful?
RF skin tightening with InMode Evoke is generally considered to be virtually painless. During the treatment, patients might experience sensations similar to that of an intense facial massage, including a feeling of contractions around the face and jaw. This hands-free technology allows for structural remodeling of facial muscles and tissues, aiming to produce youthful and glowing results without the need for invasive procedures. The treatment covers areas such as the cheeks, jowls, jawline, and neck, utilizing radiofrequency energy to penetrate deep under the skin and heat for tissue remodeling.

Will I need more than one session with InMode Evoke?
The number of InMode Evoke sessions recommended can vary based on your specific goals and the areas being treated. Patients typically notice results after just one session, but we recommend 3 – 6 treatments spaced about one week apart to achieve your desired aesthetic. While some immediate effects might be noticeable, the full benefits of the treatment, including tighter skin and improved contours, will develop more fully over time, with your body continuing to produce more collagen and elastin in the treated areas for up to six months following the treatment.

Can Evoke be used on other areas of the body?
InMode Evoke is specifically designed for facial and neck remodeling, focusing on areas like the chin, cheeks, and jowls. It uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to rejuvenate the skin by remodeling the tissue beneath the dermis, which results in increased definition along the neck and jawline, as well as in the cheeks and other facial areas. Although Evoke's primary focus is on facial and submental (under the chin) remodeling, InMode offers other technologies for body treatment, like Evolve, which targets larger body areas through skin tightening, fat treatment, and muscle toning. However, for those specifically interested in facial contouring and skin tightening, Evoke is the targeted solution offered by InMode.

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