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For the convenience of our patients, we have two offices in the Greater Houston area. Known for our excellent services and caring staff, we provide a wide range of dermatological services, cosmetic procedures, and skin cancer diagnosis and treatments. With our team of board-certified dermatologists, skilled medical aestheticians, and a doctor who specializes in Mohs surgery, you'll feel like part of our family. We encourage you to read through the current and former patient reviews below. From treatments for medical conditions and cosmetic issues to acute and chronic skin problems, our team hopes these stories help you decide to schedule an appointment at Clear Lake Dermatology in Webster or Clear Lake, TX.

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Review from S.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Mar 28, 2014

If You Are Scheduled or Considering Coolsculpting, a Bit of Experience - I've had liposuction many years ago with a breast reduction but decided this time to try Coolsculpting because of not being invasive and no downtime, FDA accepted and I could even drive myself. I'm also an RN. If you're having some anxiety....I had both love handles down first. The only thing that got me was when she put the first one on, I was expecting a slow squeezing and it clamped down fast and hard lol so I kind of winced. But as stated elsewhere, within a couple of minutes it was fine. The other side wasn't as bad since I knew what to expect. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly during this process may help. Strangely the larger abdomen wasn't bad at all. Afterwards there was some redness, of course cold, and some bruising in the love handle areas. The esthetician massages all these areas after the treatment to break up the 'frozen' areas back down, although there will probably be some swelling and slight tenderness to the skin post procedure for a while. You may want to take something over the counter for pain before hand. Afterwards, I took some aleve and went and had a nice dinner before driving home. I knew from reviews to expect some discomfort around 5-7 days post treatment. I did have something sort of like menstrual or gas cramps for a few days around that time. The technician did say to call in if I needed the doctor to call in something stronger but I did not, I just took aleve. I'm now a month post treatment and going to get my second set of treatments next week. I also started wearing a firm compression garment as I did after my liposuction as I think it will help with the shaping. Women are even wearing them post delivery of babies these days for the same reason. I'll also mention toward the end of my love handle treatments I felt a strange horizontal 'tugging' sensation through my abdomen and around the naval but it was just a novelty not uncomfortable. The last eight minutes of the hour treatment the machine massages the area, again not uncomfortable at all. I'm not going to go into results just yet. I will get a set of photos and measurements next week and then probably 8 weeks post the next treatments although she said allow 12 weeks for full results. The cost is for two treatments of each area a month apart. The love handles together count as one and the large abdominal counts as one at this practice. Some practices count small and large. Always ask for promotional rates or rates for more than one area and rates for more than one treatment and mention you saw their info on RealSelf if that is true for a free office consultation and other specials. And read read read reviews and rates for your area before choosing your provider. 5 stars by multiple clients is always a good sign! I hope this answers some questions and alleviates some anxiety about the procedure. More

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