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Doctors have long known that the right nutrition can result in healthy hair, skin and nails. In keeping with this knowledge, Elon® is proud to offer a line of nutritional supplements to help spur healthy hair and nail growth. If you live in Houston, League City, and the surrounding Bay Area, you can find these products here at Clear Lake Dermatology.


About Elon® Supplements

By providing the proper nutrition, hair and nails can become stronger at their roots. This will allow them to grow longer and thicker while also maintaining elasticity. As a result, there will be less breakage because the hair and nails will be well-nourished rather than being brittle.

There are supplements available for skin, nails, hair, and overall health. Each one contains a unique formula of ingredients designed to address certain health or beauty needs such as thinning hair, flaking nails, or a lackluster appearance.


How to Take

Elon® hair and nail vitamins are taken once daily with meals. They should ideally be taken at around the same time every day. These vitamins can be swallowed whole, and most patients prefer to take them with a glass of water.

For best results, you should expect to take these supplements for some time before you begin noticing results. For thinning hair, you’ll need to take these vitamins for around four to six months in order to achieve results. When taking Elon® for thinning nails, results are normally noticed after about a month. After that, you’ll need to continue taking them in order to maintain the appearance of your hair or nails.


Safety and Side Effects

Elon® hair and nail vitamins are safe to take because they do not contain any artificial dyes or colors. They are also sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free. The main ingredients in these supplements include silicone dioxide and biotin, two substances that help strengthen and thicken hair and nail follicles.

Since Elon® hair and nail products contain natural substances, they normally do not produce any side effects. Even so, you should let one of our doctors know about any other vitamins or prescription medications you are currently taking. That way, they can determine if Elon® products might be right for you. If you want to be on your way to healthier hair and nails, Elon® products can help you do this naturally.



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