Which Type of Chemical Peel Fits Your Skin Needs?

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Has your skin lost its youthful glow? Maybe you experience other concerns, such as acne scars and fine lines. Signs of aging and damaged skin can really have an impact on your confidence. Skin resurfacing through chemical peels is a great way to restore your complexion in the Greater Clear Lake area.

Clear Lake Dermatology can personalize your chemical peel with different solutions. But with so many options, how do you know which cosmetic treatment can meet your unique needs? Contact your local dermatologist to begin the process in Webster or League City, TX. We can reveal smoother and healthier skin with one simple treatment.

Chemical peels explained

Patients love turning to skin resurfacing because it’s noninvasive and requires less time in recovery than plastic surgery. A chemical peel removes dead and damaged skin with a solution that causes the top layer to shed away. The process reveals fresher skin with fewer imperfections. Common areas for a chemical peel include the face and neck. These areas are most susceptible to aging, hyperpigmentation, and environmental factors, like sun damage.

Candidates for skin resurfacing

At-home chemical peels can damage your skin if they are not applied properly. For this reason, the best person to ask about skin resurfacing is a qualified dermatologist. The specialists at Clear Lake Dermatology can examine your skin and learn about your goals before recommending the best treatment. Good candidates include adult men and women with noticeable skin concerns. However, you should inform our team if you have any active infections or lesions.

Types of chemical peels

Depending on what you want for your skin, there are different chemical peel depths to consider in Webster and League City, TX. This includes the following:

  • Light peels: a superficial chemical peel is our least invasive option for addressing minor skin issues. Patients can schedule a light peel and return to their day as scheduled. Return to our clinic once a month to maintain your results.

  • Medium-depth peels: this chemical peel penetrates deeper into the skin to address moderate problems with your complexion. We recommend getting this treatment over a long weekend so you can recover comfortably.

  • Deep peels: deep peels are the most aggressive and require the longest recovery time. This cosmetic treatment may leave your face feeling sensitive and swollen for several weeks. However, deep peels generally produce the most dramatic outcomes.

How to prepare for chemical peels

As you schedule your skin resurfacing appointment, your dermatologist will let you know what to do beforehand. Our instructions may vary based on the type of chemical peel recommended. We may ask about your medical history and any medications you are currently taking. It is important to avoid sunlight and use broad-spectrum sunscreen before going outside. You should also stay away from facial scrubs or any treatments that make your skin sensitive.

Schedule cosmetic treatments with a dermatologist

Wouldn’t it be great if you could address fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture issues in just one treatment? The dermatologists at Clear Lake Dermatology have now made this possible through advanced chemical peels in Webster and League City, TX. Turn back the hands of time by scheduling a skin assessment with our clinic. We can reverse surface damage and improve your overall complexion.

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