Can Laser Treatments Help Prevent Acne Breakouts?

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Acne is among the most common dermatologic complaints, affecting patients of virtually all ages, skin types, and lifestyles. Aside from the physical discomfort of acne breakouts, many people struggle with the psychological and emotional side effects — including diminished self-esteem. At Clear Lake Dermatology, our caring team of dermatologists understands the toll that acne can take on a person’s life and is committed to offering solutions that work to both minimize the symptoms of acne breakouts and discourage future acne flare-ups. If you are searching for effective and preventive acne treatment in the Webster or League City, TX areas, our AviClear™ laser acne treatment may be right for you.

What is causing my acne?

Even with a good facial hygiene routine, you may still experience recurrent acne breakouts and flare-ups. While poor hygiene can certainly contribute to (or exacerbate) acne, there are many other factors that are responsible for acne, including:

  • Genetics
  • Hormone fluctuations (during pregnancy, menopause, and adolescence, for example)
  • Diet
  • The use of certain makeup or topical products
  • Stress
  • Certain medications
  • Underlying health conditions

How can I get my acne under control?

When a good at-home facial hygiene routine, a healthy diet and lifestyle, and over-the-counter products aren’t resulting in the improvement in your acne that you desire, it may be time to consider your professional acne treatment options. At Clear Lake Dermatology, we offer Greater Houston area patients a variety of acne solutions that can be tailored to meet their specific needs and goals, including prescription-strength topical creams, oral antibiotics, and others. For many patients, laser acne treatment is an ideal choice for targeting acne breakouts, preventing future flare-ups, and even minimizing the side effects of acne – like redness and pigmentation issues.

How does laser acne treatment stop future breakouts?

Laser acne treatment in Webster, TX with the AviClear laser system targets and suppresses the sebaceous glands, which produce the excess oil that is often responsible for acne breakouts. By subduing the sebaceous glands, laser acne treatment can help to reduce the occurrence of subsequent breakouts, while the laser energy simultaneously works to minimize redness and other symptoms of acne.

How many laser acne treatments will I need?

Most patients experience a noticeable improvement in their acne symptoms and frequency after their first AviClear treatment, but patients can typically expect to require a series of three laser acne treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. During your initial consultation for South Houston laser acne treatment, one of our knowledgeable dermatologists will assess your skin concerns and determine how many AviClear treatments may be most appropriate and effective for you. When paired with a healthy lifestyle, a dedicated skin care regimen, and complementary acne treatments as recommended, the results of laser acne treatment can be striking and long-lasting.

Get to the bottom of your acne with AviClear in League City, TX

If it feels like you have tried everything for your acne, but you’re still experiencing frequent or severe outbreaks, we are here to help. In many cases, laser acne treatment can be a life-changing solution for reducing future outbreaks and minimizing the effects of a current acne flare-up. Take charge of your acne by calling Clear Lake Dermatology — with convenient locations in Webster and League City, TX — to schedule your private consultation for professional acne treatment by a dermatologist today.

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