Webster, TX | Restylane Lyft Jawline Countering | Clear Lake Dermatology

Our nurse practitioner Hannah is getting married and Dr. Joe is helping her look her best for the big day and those wedding photos.


Dr. Joe: Hi, this is Dr. Joe here. We're here with Hannah, and we're going to be demonstrating an injection of her jawline. So, Hannah has a little bit of laxity and loss of definition of her jawline, and we're going to use some Restylane Lyft to inject along her jawline. This will provide her also a little bit of a lift in this area as well. She's already had her chin injected with the lift as well. That was done in a previous post. So you can see how beautifully that turned out. All right, so we're going to get started.

Dr. Joe: Okay, so we've finished with our injection of one syringe of Lyft on Hannah's jawline. And you can see the nice difference between the two sides. This side is much more defined, but also it has tightened up her entire jawline and given her a nice little lift. You can see the profile of her face is much slimmer on one side versus the other.