Webster, TX | Protecting Your Skin with Dr. Joe | Clear Lake Dermatology

Learn more about how to protect your skin this summer with Dr. Joe!


Dr. Joe: During the summertime, and spring and summertime, everyone's going to be going outdoors. This is a great time to review good skin safety habits. Of course, you want to stay as covered up as much as you can, a good wide-brimmed hat, clothing that has SPF or UPF protection in there as well. Sunscreen is super important, you want to wear something at least SPF 35 or greater. A lot of dermatologists like myself are very in favor of mineral-based sunscreens which are based on zinc and titanium.

Dr. Joe: The other thing I highly recommend is, there's actually a pill you can take called Heliocare, and it's essentially sun protection in a pill. It's a super antioxidant called polypodium leucotomos, where once you take it, it goes straight into your skin to protect your skin cells in high concentration. That's a unique property of that compared to other types of antioxidants that we take or ingest. The polypodium leucotomos will protect your skin cells from burning as easily, and any kind of UV damage you do get is repaired by the antioxidant as well.