Webster, TX | Patient Testimonial | Ted Hyman | Clear Lake Dermatology

A patient of Clear Lake Dermatology discusses his experience with his treatment and interaction with our staff.


Ted Hyman: My name is Ted Hyman and I'm from League City, Texas. Well as like most people, I abused my skin in the sun and sunburns and not paying attention and I knew at that time that I needed to pay some attention to it because these skin diseases can be quite deadly.

Ted Hyman: Oh, Joe saved my life. Joe literally saved my life. If it hadn't been for Dr. Joe, chances are I wouldn't be here.

Ted Hyman: I just appreciate what they've done for me. I realize I'm a patient and I realize that I pay to have this work done, however you can't pay for the way you're treated. When you're treated like a friend and with decency and people really care about you and your health, you can't pay for that. That's something has to come from the people.