Webster, TX | Patient Testimonial - Richard Summers | Clear Lake Dermatology

A patient of Clear Lake Dermatology discusses his experience with his treatment and interaction with our staff.


Dr. Richard Summers: My name is Dr. Summers, Richard Summers, and I live in Deer Park, Texas. I've had a problem for some time with skin cancers. I had a liver transplant about 11 years ago and the immunosuppressants that I take make me susceptible to skin cancers of various types. I come every two months to three months. They check me out for any unusual skin lesions and when they discover something that doesn't look exactly right what they'll do is they'll biopsy it. And then once it's been biopsied and confirmed to be whatever, then I'm called back in and sometimes surgery is performed to remove the carcinomas, sometimes it's just frozen with liquid nitrogen. But this happens quite frequently. In the last 10 years, I've had 34 to 36 different treatments and surgeries. So I'm very familiar with them. They're a very friendly cordial group. I've been coming long enough now that we kind of kid of I should have my name on the door, but they do an excellent job.