Webster, TX | Patient Testimonial - Charles Anumnu | Clear Lake Dermatology

A patient of Clear Lake Dermatology discusses his experience with his treatment and interaction with our staff.


Charles Anumnu: My name is Charles Anumnu and I'm from Stafford, Texas. So my god sister's actually a dermatologist here. Miranda. So when she said she was working here and it's close by where I work at, I decided to come here and make an appointment.

Charles Anumnu: Scars on my skin, my face, my chest, and my back. Just scratching acne from when I was in high school. So the treatment I received was called Clear and Brilliant, which was basically just a bunch of lasers that would go over my skin, that would basically help my skin reform and get rid of the scars.

Charles Anumnu: I would recommend Dermatology because the staff seems very knowledgeable, nice, have good customer service. So whenever I call, they always know how to answer my questions or direct me to the doctor or the personnel I'm working with, and I like the facilities.