Webster, TX | Patient Testimonial - Beth Moody | Clear Lake Dermatology

A patient of Clear Lake Dermatology discusses her experience with her treatment and interaction with our staff.


Beth Moody: I'm Beth Moody from Lake City, Texas. I first came to Clear Lake Dermatology for facial issues, wrinkling, aging, aging spots, discoloration, such as that. The wrinkles are gone, the discoloration is gone. The lips are thicker. My eyes are wider. The emotional part, my self esteem has gone from 0 to 10. I would recommend them to everyone I know, and I have been recommending it. The doctors are great. They're very gentle and kind. They listen to you as to what you want and what you don't want. They make great suggestions as to what would make you look better and where to stop and not overdo things.