Webster, TX | Introduction to EMSCULPT | Clear Lake Dermatology

Dr. Joe introduces a new innovative technology called EMSCULPT.


Dr. Joe: Hi everyone here, Dr. Joe here to talk to you a little bit about our new treatment and device called EMSCULPT. So what EMSCULPT is, the E-M here stands for electromagnetic, it uses something called HIFEM technology, which is high intensity focused electro-magnetic energy. So what this does, is the energy actually stimulates your muscles to contract, and it induces super maximal contractions. Which means that these contractions are far greater than what you can achieve working out.

Dr. Joe: So what that means is, that you can achieve great results with muscle definition, increased muscle mass, and reduced fat at the same time, all within just four treatments; usually spread out over two weeks. So the other great thing about it, is the results have been shown to last for at least one year, although you can get continued improvement with maintenance treatments as well.

Dr. Joe: So this is what the applicator looks like. It's placed over the area of treatment. So it can be placed over the abs, and it can also be used to treat the buttocks as well, and as well as the arms and legs. So if you're looking for increased definition and mass in the quads, in the hamstrings, calves, biceps, triceps, this all does... it does a very good job. So if you're interested in seeing what this treatment can do for you, then give us a call and come on in for a consultation.