Webster, TX | Fall Skincare Tips | Clear Lake Dermatology

Back at school? Suffering from acne? Check out these fall skin care tips from Dr. Joe.


Dr. Joe: Changing your routines from the summer and going back into the grind of the school year, sometimes that can lead to extra acne breakouts. Dealing with homework and stress also leads to acne breakouts. Keeping your skin nice and clean with a good acne cleanser is very important. Washing your skin once or twice a day and after sports and athletics is also very important to keep those pores unclogged. If you have acne that over-the-counter medications cannot control, then definitely see a dermatologist where we can get you on much more effective prescription medications. In addition, we also have some great skincare products in our skincare lines that can be much more gentle on your skin and decrease irritation from acne and acne treatments.