Webster, TX | EMSCULPT Treatment of Quadriceps, Thighs, and Legs | Clear Lake Dermatology

Dr. Joe discusses the EMSCULPT treatment for the quads, and the different phases of treatment.


Dr. Joe: This is Dr. Joe. It's quad workout day with Emsculpt. This is the peak contraction phase of the Emsculpt treatment. It's a pretty intense contraction, but your muscles actually get used to it. It actually feels kind of sore afterwards, although not uncomfortably sore, like when you're working out because you're not really tearing muscle fibers like you are when you're working out. But I can definitely tell the difference, the endurance and strength of muscles. Functional studies haven't been done, but just anecdotally, you can definitely tell the difference when you're doing other exercises in terms of muscle fatigue. It makes sense. There's actually word on the street is there are professional athletes actually getting this done to improve their performance as well.

Dr. Joe: This is the muscle recovery phase where it's helping the muscles release lactic acid. This helps reduce muscle fatigue so that we don't get the soreness that normally experience from working out. Emsculpt does not tear the muscle, but it builds the muscle up with the electromagnetic energy while the muscles are at rest. What's nice about this is that you can build the muscles without being prone to injury. Less wear and tear on your joints. This is now going into the warmup contraction phase.