Webster, TX | EMSCULPT for the Abdomen | Clear Lake Dermatology

Dr. Joe discusses Emsculpt, a game changer in bodysculpting.


Dr. Joe: So this is Emsculpt. It uses electromagnetic energy to induce supra-maximal muscle contractions. That means the contractions achieved by the device is a lot stronger than what you can achieve working out. One 30 minute treatment induces 20,000 contractions. Full course of the treatment is just four treatments spread out over two weeks. It's great for body sculpting, getting more definition in the abs, and also at the same time reducing fat. Results have been shown to last up to a year.

Dr. Joe: Other areas can also be treated, like the buttocks, thighs, calves, as well as the arms. These slower pulses are a resting period for the muscle, to help to get rid of lactic acid build up and decreases muscle fatigue. So by optimizing the way your muscles contract with the resting periods that reduce, you do not get as much muscle fatigue as you would doing 20,000 sit ups and the results have been phenomenal.