Webster, TX | Dermalinfusion - Safe Alternative to Microdermabrasion | Clear Lake Dermatology

Dr. Joe discusses a treatment called Dermalinfusion, which is great for treating a variety of skin concerns.


Dr. Joe: If you're looking to take a step beyond traditional acne medications and treatments, there is a wonderful treatment called SilkPeel Dermalinfusion. This is a really unique treatment, and it's great for acne because it's doing three things at once. It's exfoliating your skin. It's suctioning out and extracting your pores, so getting all those blackheads and debris out of your pores. And then the third thing it's doing at the same time is it's infusing an acne serum deeper into those opened up pores. So, we can see really nice results doing two treatments a month. It leaves your skin really nice and polished looking. There's actually absolutely no downtime with it. You can literally go out to dinner or an event right afterwards.