What is Psoriasis? Can It Go Away Without Treatment?

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects over eight million Americans. Modern psoriasis treatments can help manage your condition and minimize uncomfortable side effects, since psoriasis won’t go away on its own. You can learn about psoriasis and how to manage it here.

With a team of top-rated dermatologists available to help at Clear Lake Dermatology, you can undergo the effective psoriasis care you need. The practice has two locations in the Greater Bay Area in Webster and League City, TX. Offices serve patients in the surrounding Greater Houston, TX towns of Alvin, Friendswood, and Deer Park. If you’re ready to book an evaluation, contact the practice by clicking here or call the location nearest you directly.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that can last a lifetime. When you have psoriasis, your immune system overreacts and goes into overdrive. It starts attacking healthy skin cells that are accidentally deemed to be a threat.

Your skin recognizes that it’s under attack and starts ramping up new skin cell production as quickly as possible. However, the destroyed skin cells don’t get a chance to slough off and, as a result, those new skin cells begin to stack up.

During a psoriasis flare-up, you develop red, irritated rashes on your skin that may be covered in whitish or silvery scales. These patches are known as plaques. You might find that your skin is very dry and cracks easily, which leads to oozing or bleeding. Psoriasis even causes unbearable itchiness, severe burning sensations, and swollen joints.

What is psoriasis caused by?

Medical experts aren’t clear as to why some people are more likely to develop psoriasis than others. However, autoimmune diseases, like psoriasis, are often linked to genetics.

In most cases, psoriasis begins between the ages of 15 – 25, although it can certainly start earlier or later. Even though psoriasis at any age is unpredictable, flare-ups are often triggered by:

  • Stress

  • Allergies

  • Cold weather months

  • Acute illnesses, such as strep throat

  • Skin injuries, including scratches and sunburns

Psoriasis can affect anyone. Men, women, and people of all races struggle with psoriasis.

Does psoriasis ever go away?

Psoriasis has no cure and won’t go away on its own. However, with the help of the expert dermatologists at Clear Lake Dermatology, you can learn to manage your psoriasis. You can even discover how to lower your risk of flare-ups and minimize psoriasis symptoms when flare-ups do occur.

How can I control psoriasis?

Psoriasis sufferers in Webster and League City, TX have plenty of solutions available for controlling psoriasis. Your psoriasis treatment plan from Clear Lake Dermatology may include:

  • Coal tar treatments

  • Phototherapy (light therapy)

  • Salicylic acid shampoos and scalp treatments

  • Psoriasis medications, such as topical corticosteroids or retinoid creams

Your dedicated dermatologist evaluates your skin and talks with you about your history with psoriasis. They educate you about your psoriasis treatment options and help you design a psoriasis management plan that fits your needs.

The leading skin care experts at Clear Lake Dermatology can help you get your psoriasis under control. You can book your psoriasis evaluation at either of the Greater Clear Lake locations in Webster or League City, TX by clicking here. You can also call either office to speak with a team member today.

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