Part Two: Check Out Michelle's CoolSculpting Results

Look at Michelle’s before and after photographs. Please note, the information mentioned below is a week by week account of Michelle’s four week journey into CoolSculpting success!

On my quest to become a stronger and healthier mama, and rock my two piece in time for the upcoming summer months, I recently had my first CoolSculpting treatment with Clear Lake Dermatology’s CoolSculpting expert, Rachel Bright. I’m loving the journey.

If you happened to miss the first part of my CoolSculpting journey, including photos of the treatment being performed itself, you should check out our previous blog post!

Here’s my progress report in the weeks following my treatment:

Week 1 After My CoolSculpting Treatment:

The initial discomfort (due to inflammation of the tissue) is gone. The treated area is still feeling quite tingly and numb but I’ve been assured by Dr. Joe this is totally normal. It generally takes about 1 to 2 weeks for the swelling to subside. The numbness can take longer to resolve, especially with the larger abdominal applicator, which Rachel used on me.

Overall I am feeling really good and can’t wait to see results!

Week 2 After My CoolSculpting Treatment:

I’m feeling fantastic! No tenderness at all. While the treated area still feels quite numb, this is totally normal and not bothering me. I’m not seeing physical change yet, but know that this can take up to 8 weeks. Patience is a virtue, right?I’ve really been enjoying the connection and interacting with patients throughout this experience. A lot of patients have mentioned they’ve read and are following along with me on my journey.

Week 4 After My CoolSculpting Treatment:

I am starting to notice a change in my abdomen! I thought it was all in my head, since it’s only been 4 weeks since my CoolSculpting treatment, but my sister commented on how much slimmer I’m looking. My co-workers have also mentioned they’re noticing some change. It must be working. Since this was my last ditch effort, I couldn’t be happier. I took 4-week progress photos with Rachel and was pleased to see that it’s not just me being optimistic. The changes are real! Rachel, Brittnee and Natalie are all very happy with my results so far. I can’t wait for my 8 week photos!

It’s time to start on my second CoolSculpting session with Rachel. Since CoolSculpting eliminates 20-25% of fat cells in the treated area a second session may be needed. Stay tuned for part 3 of my journey coming in a month.

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