How Can I Make the Skin Peel Quicker After a Chemical Peel?

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Our dermatologists at Clear Lake Dermatology are dedicated to helping you look younger by diminishing the various signs of aging. Unfortunately, even those who adhere to great care habits can inevitably be marked by the aging process, which causes the skin to become uneven or irregular in texture or appearance. Furthermore, dark spots, sun damage, and acne scars are all common complaints that distress millions of Americans.

A chemical peel can help reduce or get rid of many aesthetic issues to help give you the glowing, smooth, and younger-looking skin of your dreams! If you are in the Greater Houston area and you’d like to explore your options at one of our state-of-the-art practices in League City or Webster, TX, please contact us today!

How can I make my skin peel quicker after a chemical peel?

The best thing you can do for your recovery is to let everything proceed naturally. Therefore, patients shouldn’t attempt to make their skin peel quicker after receiving a chemical peel skin treatment. The exact timelines will differ according to your procedure, but patients can expect to experience itching and peeling of their skin for several days up to a couple of weeks after their treatment.

Despite the urge to scratch, exfoliate, or remove your shedding skin, it’s essential that you avoid picking at it or stressing it out. If not left to peel and heal properly, scarring or other damage could occur. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to let things play out naturally and to avoid trying to manually or otherwise personally expedite the peeling process.

Of course, you can always expect detail-attentive, comprehensive care at Clear Lake Dermatology, and we’ll provide additional information and more specific aftercare instructions and tips personalized for your needs and procedure. Generally, patients can increase their comfort and overall outcome by using a mild moisturizer, cleaning their face with cool water, consuming plenty of liquids (water is preferable), and avoiding abrasives, exfoliants, or other items that could stress the skin as it undergoes its healing.

Which type of chemical peel will be best for my needs?

We offer a full spectrum of treatment types and levels, including the SkinCeuticals Micropeel and Melange Peel. Our specialists can also recommend the optimal treatment based on your requirements and skin. These can include a lighter peel, which you can fit into your lunch break before returning to work. The gentlest of peels rejuvenates the outer skin layer, the epidermis, to provide glowing smoothness and a younger complexion.

For those with more aggressive signs of aging or other aesthetic issues, such as sun damage, dark spots, or acne scars, we may suggest a medium-depth or a deep peel. These cause regeneration in the more profound layers of the skin but also necessitate a longer downtime and recovery, with after-effects (such as itchy, swollen, peeling skin) lasting up to several weeks.

Look younger and enjoy even, smooth, and glowing skin in the Greater Houston area

Regardless of which skin peel turns out to be the optimal choice for you, you can expect to see significant improvements as the years seemingly vanish from your visage. By removing the dead, damaged skin cells, a chemical peel can leave you with a younger complexion and smoother, glowing skin that’s free of unevenness or irregularities.

So, for those who’d like to look younger, we implore you to get in touch with our dermatologists in League City and Webster, TX.

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