Facial Skin Tightening with FaceTite™

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Anti-aging treatments that offer facial skin tightening come in many varieties that range from simple creams to invasive surgery. But one device is proven to have greater rejuvenating potential than any other comparable device: FaceTite™. Whether you want to correct facial sagging, wrinkles, folds, or loose skin, FaceTite™ can produce transformative results and give you a noticeably more youthful appearance.


How Does FaceTite™ Tighten Facial Skin?

To tighten skin on the face, FaceTite™ uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis. This process involves an energy wave transmission that immediately and noticeably tightens loose skin. FaceTite™ also stimulates collagen formation, which encourages ongoing regeneration of healthy skin cells for longer lasting results. After your facial skin tightening treatment, your skin will feel tighter and smoother, and your skin will continue to improve in tone and firmness for several months.


What Aging Skin Problems Can FaceTite Correct?

FaceTite™ is designed to tighten and firm the skin of the face. It can correct:

  • Sagging cheeks or jowls
  • Bulges or bags under the eyes
  • Wrinkles or folds caused by sagging, loose skin
  • A droopy appearance due to loose and sagging skin


FaceTite™ can also correct problems associated with an aging neck, such as a double chin and neck fat.


What Can FaceTite™ Do for Facial Rejuvenation?

Skin firming and anti-wrinkle treatments are in high demand, and FaceTite™ rises to the occasion. The heat transfer process that occurs during treatment causes facial skin to contract, which produces an immediately more youthful appearance. With the stimulation of new collagen, the skin becomes progressively firmer and stronger over the following months. The surgery-like results have proven FaceTite to have higher skin tightening potential than any other FDA-approved facial skin tightening device available today.


FaceTite™ is a skin tightening treatment that yields firmer and more youthful-looking skin with long-lasting results. This efficient and precise medical device is an excellent option for patients looking to achieve transformative results without undergoing major facial surgery. To see if you are a candidate for this treatment, you can schedule your consultation for facial skin tightening in Clear Lake.



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