Mohs Surgery

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One of the most effective methods of removing skin cancer involves Mohs surgery. This surgery involves removing a small amount of tissue at a time, and then examining it under a microscope to check for the presence of skin cancer. Mohs surgery is performed in an effort to make sure all cancerous tissue is removed without a doctor needing to remove healthy tissue. This procedure can be performed at Clear Lake Dermatology for those who live in Houston, League City, and the surrounding Bay Area.

Be sure you know the signs of possible Skin Cancer. Click here to learn about Skin Cancer Screening.

Not all patients with skin cancer are candidates for Mohs surgery. Doctors normally recommend this procedure for patients who have had multiple cancerous growths or unusually large tumors. It might also be recommended for those who have a family history of skin cancer. This procedure is not normally performed whenever growths are being removed as a precautionary measure.

Mohs Surgery Procedure

Local anesthesia is administered before Mohs surgery begins. An entire tumor is then removed at one time along with a small amount of tissue that surrounds it. The tissue will then be tested to determine if more skin should be removed. The process continues until the results show that all the cancer has been removed.

mohs skin cancerSince Mohs surgery requires testing to be performed during the procedure, this operation takes longer than traditional wart or skin tag removal. Even so, it eliminates the need for further surgeries to remove additional patches of skin cancer at a later time. It also reduces the possibility that an unusual growth will return in the same area. A disadvantage of this surgery is that a great deal of tissue might have to be removed, which could result in the need for reconstructive plastic surgery.

Patients who are concerned about unusual growths on their skin should first have them analyzed by a board certified dermatologist from Clear Lake Dermatology. Should skin cancer be suspected, our doctors can advise patients of their treatment options, which could include Mohs surgery.