Tensage™ Ampoules

Clear Lake Dermatologists Serve Patients Requiring Tensage™ Ampoules in Webster, League City, Friendswood and Houston, TX

Many of our patients in Houston, League City, and the surrounding Bay Area want to reverse the signs of aging.  Tensage™ Ampoules uses SCA, or Secretion of the Cryptomphalus Aspersa, Technology that was developed by scientists in Europe.  SCA Technology is a growth factor that helps the skin repair itself.  Tensage™ Ampoules can also prevent further damage to your skin.

Tensage Ampoules Treatment

The line of Tensage™ Ampoules skin care products have Repair Index Numbers that relate to the strength of the product.  During your consultation appointment, we help you select the best level of Tensage™ Ampoules for your particular skin type and condition.  Some of our patients benefit from using a combination of strength levels.

For most patients, treatment with Tensage™ Ampoules requires using one ampoule each day for seven days, followed by one ampoule each week for three weeks.  For best results, you may continue to use Tensage™ Ampoules monthly, or even daily.  Your skin care specialist will work with you to determine your individualized treatment plan.

Treatment with Tensage™ Ampoules begins by cleansing your skin.  The serum is applied lightly in an even layer on your face and neck.  You may experience a mild tingling sensation when you apply Tensage™ Ampoules.  If you experience any type of irritation, contact Clear Lake Dermatologists for a follow-up appointment.

Tensage Ampoules Post-Treatment

Many of our patients see improvements in their skin in as little as seven days after beginning treatment with Tensage™ Ampoules.  Using Tensage™ Ampoules as directed by your skin care specialist gives you a youthful, vibrant appearance.  Your skin is firmer and has greater elasticity.  Fine lines diminish, and deeper wrinkles soften.  Tensage™ Ampoules work to hydrate your skin, making it feel softer.  Patients who undergo other dermal procedures may experience faster healing times after using Tensage™ Ampoules.