EltaMD® Products

Clear Lake Dermatologists Serve Patients Requiring EltaMD® Products in Webster, League City, Friendswood and Houston, TX

Patients in Houston, League City, and the surrounding Bay Area who are concerned about preventing sun damage to their skin, can now obtain EltaMD® products from Clear Lake Dermatology. EltaMD® is a full line of specialty sunscreens and skin care products designed to help people prevent wrinkles and melanoma. These prescription-strength products are available only at select dermatology clinics throughout the country.

EltaMD® Sunscreens Key Characteristics

One of the key characteristics of EltaMD® products is its patented Z-Cote formula. This formula contains zinc oxide, which blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreens have an SPF rating as high as 50, and many of the products are oil-free.

EltaMD® products are used much like other sunscreens. They can be purchased in cream, lotion or spray formulas. Many of the products are water-resistant, so users can enjoy the benefits of these sun creams for up to 80 minutes without needing to reapply them.


EltaMD® Sunscreens and Skin Cancer

As noted above, this formula contains zinc oxide, which blocks the harmful UVA and UVB rays that are known to cause skin cancer.

 EltaMD® Facial Cleanser

EltaMD® Facial Cleanser uses an oil-free formula to clean deep inside of pores. It breaks up and aids the removal of makeup and gently cleans away dirt, oil, and other skin contaminants. Best of all, it contains no soaps or harsh ingredients that can cause skin irritation.

EltaMD® Lotion

EltaMD® Lotion is a healing moisturizer with a water-soluble formula that is designed for everyday use. It repairs dry skin, relieving itching and soreness and leaving skin soft and healthy-looking. This unique formula helps to lock in moisture by causing it to bond with the keratin in your skin. It will saturate dry and problematic skin with penetrating moisture to help protect it against damage from frequent washing and exposure to wind, cold and sun.