Cyst Treatment

Clear Lake Dermatologists Serve Patients Requiring Cyst Treatment in Webster, League City, Friendswood and Houston, TX

People who are plagued with cysts may need to have them treated or removed to prevent infection or swelling. Clear Lake Dermatology can provide patients in Houston, League City, and the surrounding Bay Area with a variety of cyst treatments based upon the characteristics of the growth.

Cysts are tiny bumps that appear just above the surface of the skin. These bumps may be found anywhere on the body and are usually white or clear in color. Even though many of them are filled with fluid, they may also feel rigid to the touch. In some cases, cysts may also be tender to the touch.

Some cysts are filled with pus or other fluid, which may seep out whenever the growth is disturbed. Cysts may also become infected, and this infection could spread to other areas of the body. In this instance, the fluid should be drained from the cyst so it does not present a hazard.

Those who discover a cyst should not pick at it or try to remove it themselves. Patients should also avoid using over-the-counter medications designed for the removal of warts or moles, as this could further inflame the tissue.

Cysts Treatment

A cyst is normally drained by inserting a needle into the center of the cyst and drawing out any fluid inside until the growth is nearly dissolved.

When cysts consist of hard tissue, they may need to be surgically removed. Under local anesthesia, our doctors will use medical instruments to cut the cyst away, and then use stitches to heal the wound. This type of surgery can be performed at the Clear Lake Dermatology clinic on an outpatient basis.

Cysts Post-Treatment

When a cyst has been drained, it usually goes away completely and permanently, but in rare cases, the cyst reappears in the same area. When a cyst has been surgically removed, patients are able to resume normal activities shortly after undergoing this procedure.

Cysts and Skin Cancer

Many people are concerned whenever they discover a cyst and are afraid it may be cancerous. This is rarely the case, however, having it diagnosed by a professional at Clear Lake Dermatology can help provide peace of mind in the event it turns out to be malignant.

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