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Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston, TX

Clear Lake Dermatologists Serve Patients Requiring Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston, TX.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Lasers remove tattoos by breaking down the ink’s pigment using intense light beams. The easiest tattoos for lasers to remove are black tattoos. The darker ink is best able to absorb the laser’s wavelengths, allowing them faster access to the ink’s pigment. In order to remove colored tattoos, lasers specially designed to work on specific colors must be used.

Who Can Benefit from Laser Tattoo Removal?

Every tattoo is unique, and this makes it imperative that the method chosen for removal is individualized. Over the years, several different methods of tattoo removal have been tried, with many causing scarring which looks worse than the original tattoo.

Even if you have used older methods to remove your tattoo and you are unhappy with the results, you could still benefit from laser tattoo removal. If your scarring from previous treatments is not extensive, laser tattoo removal might be able to give you the results you tried to obtain in the past.

What is the Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure?

Laser tattoo removal has become the most popular way to remove tattoos because it works better than older methods once employed. The process involves quick pulses of laser beams aimed at the surface of the skin. These pulses break down the pigments in the ink using heat energy. Once broken down, the body naturally eliminates these pigments. Most removals can be completed in five to 10 treatments. The length of treatment time depends on the age, size and color of the tattoo to be removed. We work with you through the entire process, from start to finish.