Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Clear Lake Dermatologists Serve Patients Requiring Laser Skin Rejuvenation in Webster, League City, Friendswood and Houston, TX

Patients interested in a gradual improvement in their skin’s appearance may want to consider laser skin rejuvenation. A number of laser procedures can help diminish wrinkles, remove age spots, and even out skin tone without the need for surgery. Clear Lake Dermatology can perform laser treatments for its patients in Houston, League City, and the surrounding Bay Area.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

Most laser skin rejuvenation treatments take less than one hour to perform. Depending on the type of treatment chosen, more than one session may be needed to obtain maximum results. Proper precautions should be taken during a laser skin rejuvenation treatment, including wearing eye protection.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Post-Treatment

A patient’s appearance will be noticeably improved after the first session, and improvement will continue to be noticed for several months afterward. Since these procedures produce gradual results, those who undergo laser skin rejuvenation look younger and feel more confident without an artificial look.

When laser skin rejuvenation is used to correct imperfections such as spider veins, scars, and stretch marks, the results are normally permanent. When used to remove wrinkles, the results are temporary and usually last between one to two years because a laser treatment can only reverse aging signs and cannot stop the aging process.

Possible side effects of laser skin rejuvenation include an uneven skin tone and scarring. Some redness and swelling may be present shortly after having a laser treatment but should disappear on its own within a few hours. You should disclose a full medical history before treatment, as some procedures require the use of a local anesthetic, which could create an allergic reaction among those with certain diseases or when taking prescription medications.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Cancer

Patients are sometimes concerned that laser procedures may increase their risk of skin cancer. The laser procedures here at Clear Lake Dermatology are safe and useful in treating pre-cancerous lesions, thus reducing the odds of developing cancer. Laser skin rejuvenation should NOT be considered an alternative method of treating skin cancer, however.

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