CoolSculpting® Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Clear Lake Dermatologists Serve Patients Requiring CoolSculpting® in Webster, League City, Friendswood and Houston, TX

Clear Lake Dermatology is a certified CoolSculpting® center in Houston that utilizes cold temperatures to target and damage fat cells in the treatment area. These damaged cells are then naturally disposed of by the body, leaving a more contoured look. Patients walk away from the procedure with little or no side effects. Clear Lake Dermatology preforms more CoolSculpting® procedures than any other local physician in the area.

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Before and After, CoolSculpting Men, Clear Lake Derm

Clear Lake Dermatology has TWO machines (Dualsculpting) and therefore can perform the procedure in HALF THE TIME! 

Many people are interested in removing stubborn areas of fat but do not want to undergo traditional liposuction. Those who fit this category in Houston, League City, and the surrounding Bay Area should contact Clear Lake Dermatology for CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting® is a FDA cleared non-invasive method of fat reduction that freezes fat cells. Following treatment of each area, the fat cells naturally break down and are removed by the body. CoolSculpting® is normally performed on the love handles but can also be ideal for the hips, lower abdomen, thighs, back, or upper arms. This procedure is not intended as a method of weight loss, but is designed for people who diet and exercise properly yet still have stubborn pockets of fat that remain on one of these areas.

New to Clear Lake Dermatology THE COOLMINI®!

Coolsculpting Mini - Coolmini - Clear Lake Derm


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CoolSculpting Procedure

The CoolSculpting® device is used to freeze fat cells away by positioning the area to be treated into the center of the device, which results in tugging and a slight amount of pressure. Most patients experience only moderate discomfort during this time. Since CoolSculpting® freezes fat cells, intense cold can be felt on the skin that was inserted into this equipment. This procedure takes less than three hours to complete.

CoolSculpting Post-Treatment

After having a CoolSculpting® treatment, most people are able to resume normal activities even though they may experience tenderness, redness, and swelling in the treated area. Some patients also experience numbness and tingling, which usually dissipates after a few hours. Unlike some surgical procedures that remove fat, results can typically be noticed immediately. Even so, some people will require more than one session to achieve desired results.

CoolSmooth™ Applicator

A new and exciting addition to Clear Lake Dermatology is the CoolSmooth™ applicator. The CoolSmooth™ applicator easily treats smaller, non-pinchable bulges of fat, allowing for a more precise and specific treatment. This applicator is ideal for areas that need very small fat reduction such as the outer thighs and saddlebags. The CoolSmooth™ applicator is the first and only non-surgical solution clinically proven and designed for fat reduction of the outer thigh. By reducing the size of the thighs, you will see a transformation in the entire shape of your body.

How Does CoolSmooth™ Work?

Using innovative Cryolipolysis® technology, the CoolSmooth™ applicator destroys fat cells by freezing them. Fat cells are more susceptible to cold than other body tissues; by cooling your problem areas with the CoolSmooth™ applicator, we can eliminate fat without affecting thesurrounding tissue.

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CoolSculpting Post-Treatment

After a CoolSmooth™ procedure, the body naturally metabolizes destroyed fat cells, leaving you with a slimmer, sculpted body. Most patients are able to resume normal activities immediately. You may experience tenderness, redness, swelling, numbness or tingling, which usually dissipates after a few hours.


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