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CoolSculpting in League City, TX

CoolSculpting Houtson, TX

Physicians have numerous ways in which they can remove fat from a patient through surgery. However, many patients fear going under the knife because of the potential complications, and technological advances are making it possible for dermatologists to remove fat and other tissues through lasers, ultrasound and cold temperatures. CoolSculpting® relies on cold temperatures to destroy fat cells. There are certain areas of the body that can refuse to shed weight, including the love handles and belly. Targeted treatments such as CoolSculpting® allow for physicians to sculpt the patient’s body into a more desirable form without invasive surgery.

Pasadena, TX Residents Can Now Freeze and Destroy Fat with CoolSculpting®

The physician locates fat deposits and uses controlled cooling to crystalize them. This process kills the fat cells, allowing the body to dispose of them. The remaining cells gather together and lead to a smaller fat layer.

CoolSculpting Clear Lake, TX

CoolSculpting® Has No Downtime

Clear Lake Dermatology provides CoolSculpting® to residents of Pasadena, TX. After the treatment, patients can return home and will only occasionally experience aches or bruising.


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