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Botox in Pasadena, TX

In the 1950s, researchers discovered that injecting the botulinum toxin into a muscle will paralyze and weaken it for three to four months. When these muscles are paralyzed, the patient is less likely to develop wrinkles. As a result, this treatment has been used treat wrinkles. Botox® also treats other cosmetic problems, including excessive blinking and squinting.

The Botox® Procedure is an Easy Way for Webster, TX Residents to Prevent Wrinkles

Within a few minutes, the dermatologist can inject a small about of the botulinum toxin into the face with no need for an anesthetic. The patient usually only experiences mild discomfort. Generally, the only side effects of the Botox® treatment are temporary bruising and headaches that do not last longer than a day or two. The effects of the Botox® injection take three to seven days to take effect. The results then last four to six months.

After a Quick Injection, the Patient Can Return to Everyday Life

Clear Lake Dermatology provides Botox® treatments to residents of Webster, TX. Narin “Dr. Joe” Apisarnthanarax, M.D., F.A.A.D., Prapand “Dr. A” Apisarnthanarax, M.D., F.A.C.P., and Dr. David Raimer and Dr. Lindsey Hunter-Ellul and ACGME Fellow are board certified dermatologists specializing in cosmetic procedures.

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