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Botox in Friendswood, TX

What Is Botox®?

Clear Lake Dermatology provides Botox® to residents of Friendswood, TX. Botox® is an effective form of treatment used to reduce the signs of aging. Wrinkling, fine lines, and drooping skin can be dramatically enhanced to give you a more youthful and vibrant appearance. The Botox® solution causes your facial muscles to relax, which in turn reduces the visible signs of aging.

How is Botox® performed?

Botox® is performed in-office and uses an injectable solution which is injected into specific facial areas to target your skin’s imperfections. Noticeable results can be expected within the first few days of treatment, and over the next month your skin will continue to see marked improvement. Residents of Friendswood, TX can complete their Botox® in less than an hour, making it both a convenient and fast form of treatment. Clear Lake Dermatology performs your procedure carefully and ensures beautiful results from their Botox® treatments.

About Clear Lake Dermatology

Clear Lake Dermatology continues to provide their satisfied patients with effective treatments to enhance their appearance. Their friendly staff and knowledgeable doctors will help you decide on the best procedure for you, based on your specific concerns, to enhance your confidence and beauty.

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